Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the UN Security Council Stakeout Following a Vote on the Situation in the Middle East

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Good afternoon, everyone.

You just heard me make the case for a resolution that I believe all of us can agree to. In fact, the points in the proposed resolution have all been articulated by the other 14 members of this Council.

These were not just U.S. ideas. They were all of our ideas that I have heard nearly every member of this Council discuss both privately and publicly.

Ideas that would not put sensitive negotiations in jeopardy, that could lay the foundation for a sustainable peace.

And yet, we were forced into a vote that did not reflect that consensus. You might ask why. I’ll leave that to you to opine on. Perhaps some on the Council did not actually want a resolution to pass.

Because if they did, today’s vote would not have happened. Over the last several weeks, I communicated the United States’ concerns publicly and privately.

We submitted numerous – numerous – rounds of edits. We implored our colleagues not to rush towards failure.

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