ABAA Publishers' Corner

Harriet Elam-Thomas

Diversifying Diplomacy: My Life from Roxbury to Dakar. The account of Ambassador Elam-Thomas’ 42-year career in the Foreign Service.
Potomac Books. 2017.

Edward J. Perkins

Mr. Ambassador: Warrior for Peace. The memoir of Ambassador Edward J. Perkins, the first black ambassador to the Republic of South Africa.
University of Oklahoma Press. 2009

Charles A. Ray.

Ethical Dilemmas and the Practice of Diplomacy. An examination of the ethical situations that diplomats face when there is a conflict of values. With foreword by Ambassador (retired) Ruth A. Davis. CreateSpace. 2017

Charles A. Ray.

There’s Always a Plan B: How to Cope When Things Go Wrong. A non-technical guide to effective planning. Uhuru Press. 2013

Charles A. Ray.

Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal. A fictionalized account of the beginning of the career of the first African-American deputy marshal west of the Mississippi River. Uhuru Press. 2014

Charles A. Ray.

Taking Charge: Effective Leadership for the Twenty-First Century. Techniques for effective leadership from real life examples. PublishAmerica. 2009

Charles A. Ray.

In the Line of Fire: American Diplomats in the Trenches. Essays from active and retired diplomats outlining the dangers American diplomats face on a day-to-day basis. Uhuru Press. 2014

Charles A. Ray

Caleb and Flora, accompanied by Dog and Snuffy, head north toward the Colorado-Wyoming border for a few days hunting. Things are going well until Caleb spots two men setting up to shoot buffalo for sport. He puts a stop to it and thinks that’s the end of it until a day later he encounters one of the men again, this time beating up an unarmed man.

Delano Lewis

It All Begins With Self. A message that success in life is based on hard work, a strong family foundation, and perseverance – that it all begins with you. Amazon Digital Services and CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2015.

Ambassador Johnny Young

From The Projects to the Palace: A Diplomat's Unlikely Journey from the Bottom to the Top. This book tells an American success story: the rise of Johnny Young from a life of poverty in the American South and the slums of the North to the highest ranks of the U.S. Foreign Service. XLibris. 2013

Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry

All Things Being Equal: A Woman’s Journey. An account of her time as Ambassador to Sierra Leone. Stonecrest International Publishers. 1998

Ambassador Robert P. Skinner and Ambassador Aurelia E. Brazeal

The 1903 Skinner Mission to Ethiopia and A Century of American-Ethiopian Relations. Features Skinner’s 1903-04 mission to Ethiopia which resulted in a treaty between the US and Ethiopia to regulate commercial relations. Tsehai Publishers and Distributors. 2003