Letter in The Washington Post written by Amb. (ret) June Carter-Perry: Let’s get rid of the term ‘biracial.’

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The May 17 Style article The Making of Meghan Markle discussed the decision by Ms. Markle– now Meghan, Duchess of Sussex — to call herself biracial. Many families identified as African American are truly multiracial because of consensual or forced sexual relations with white masters during slavery. Most African-American families today have a child who carries the features and coloring of the duchess. This is obvious on college campuses and especially at historically black colleges and universities. So-called black Americans are, in fact, a mixture of indigenous Indians, Europeans, and Africans. Scientifically, the term “biracial” should be eliminated, as many white individuals also carry African or Asian genes.

The duchess is gorgeous and gracious, whatever she’s called.

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