ABAA/TLG Pickering/Rangel/Payne Fellows Reception – June 2016 

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On June 7, ABAA and TLG members welcomed the 2016 cohort of the Pickering, Rangel and Payne Fellows at the AFSA Headquarters in a reception that attracted numerous high-level officials of the Department, Congress, Howard University and the Washington Center. The Washington Center is now administering the Pickering Program.

The proceedings were kicked off by President of AFSA, Ambassador Barbara J. Stephenson wishing Ambassador Edward J. Perkins happy birthday as he celebrated his 88th year. Those giving congratulations and good, time tested-advice to the Fellows included Congressman Charles B. Rangel, Deputy Secretary Heather Higginbottom, Career Ambassador Thomas Pickering, Director General Arnold Chacon, Mr. Michael B. Smith, President of the Washington Center, Dr. Anthony Wutoh, Assistant Provost for International Programs at Howard University, Mr. Lawrence Hardy of USAID representing the Payne Fellows and of course our own Ambassador Edward J. Perkins and the President of TLG Stacy D. Williams. Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy, a faithful supporter of the Fellowship programs mingled with the students encouraging them in their new adventure preparing for the Foreign Service.  

We were pleased with the turnout of ABAA members, which included Shirley Barnes, Sharon Wilkinson, Ruth A. Davis, Bernadette Allen, Sylvia Stanfield, Mosina Jordan, Donald McHenry, Edward J. Perkins, Mattie R. Sharpless, Sharon Wilkinson, Howard Jeter, Steven McGann, James Gadsden and Harry Thomas. Thomas was in from Zimbabwe. We regret that Kenton Keith got stuck in the awful ‘day two of safe tracking’ traffic and could not make it in time.

All in all, it was a very successful evening with the 67 Fellows pleased with the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as Department officials and potential mentors among ABAA and TLG members. The Rangels are beginning Fellowships on the Hill while the Pickerings are returning home to prepare for their University experience.

ABAA sends thanks to the Planning Committee which was co-chaired by Ambassador Ruth A. Davis and Mr. Stacy Williams and included, Ambassador Mattie Sharpless, Ms. Bernadette Cole Byrd, Ms Lia Miller, Ms. Kathy Davis and Ms. Patricia Scroggs, Director of the Rangel Program at Howard.