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                                                                                            MISSION STATEMENT    
The Association of Black American Ambassadors is a national organization incorporated in the District of Columbia whose purpose is to bring together African Americans who were appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate as Ambassadors of the United States in order to advance public understanding of diplomacy, to promote diversity within the various government agencies responsible for foreign policy, and to put their knowledge at the service of the national interest.     

The goals and objectives of the organization are:

    • To provide a forum for an exchange of views between its members and various arms of government responsible for shaping foreign policy;

    • To make available to the government and to the people of the United States the knowledge, experience and perspectives gained during their ambassadorial service;

    • To assist new ambassadorial appointees and other Foreign Service personnel in preparation for their assignments;

    • To identify and recommend individuals to appropriate foreign policy agencies of government for selection and appointment;

    • To be involved in the recruitment, preparation, hiring, retention, mentoring and promotion of minority Foreign Service candidates, recognizing that a truly diverse Foreign Service is in the national interest; and,

    • To serve as a source of counsel, encouragement and collaboration for institutions and organizations seeking to develop interest in foreign affairs in young persons, particularly minorities.

    • To engage, on issues of importance to the ABAA, with other foreign affairs organizations that advise the U.S. Department of State.

    • To advance public understanding of U.S. diplomacy by writing or speaking about issues of international significance that affect the foreign policy of the United States.



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